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What does it really mean to worry? What is worry Let us explore the same with some thoughts in mind. We face many situations in our daily lives and think about ourselves. like…

‘I don’t have enough to sustain my family.

‘My daughter is not getting married?’

‘What will happen to my son?’

‘What if this work is not done on time?’

‘Will I pass my exam?’

‘What will my friends think of me?’

‘I’ve been sick for a long time; what will happen to me?’

‘After I finish my studies, will I get a job?’

‘I have lost all my possessions, how will I live now?’

‘If I die; What will happen to my family? ‘

The end of the month is very close, how will I pay all the bills?

Do I have Anxiety And How To Ride Of Anxiety, Top Quality Medicine's For Everyone Online With Us

What do we do when the above circumstances occur? 

We get upset, and unable to handle situations. When an idea progresses beyond a certain level, it is called anxiety. This is the true meaning of anxiety. Ideas should be done to a certain level, not to exceed its limit. As long as the thought does not bother you, it is normal. Once the thought goes above a certain level, you are surprised or disturbed, then it is a matter of concern. And this is a common definition of anxiety.

In this way your mind goes from a simple thought to anxiety and excessive thinking:

When we face any situation, then our mind initially thinks about its benefits and losses.

After some time the thought (mind) changes, and sorrow arises.

When this changed thinking or thought continues continuously, then suffocation occurs.

If thoughts continue to bother you like this, then worries will arise.

Worry blinds and breaks all true understanding and knowledge. You can be careful, but not worried. There is a lot of difference between being careful and worrying. To be careful means to be awake and to be anxious means to think deeply, which devours you from within.

So, in simple terms what does anxiety mean? 

Anxiety means constantly thinking about ‘What do I do now?’ Or ‘What will happen now?’ And worrying interrupts the work, all work is late.

His Holiness Dade Bhagwan says, “When you start worrying, you should know that the work in hand will be wasted, and if you are not worried, you are sure that your work is going to be good.” | Worry is a hindrance in any work. “

In fact, this world is such that no person needs to worry about anything. Nature caters to all needs. One gets water for bathing, mattress for sleeping and all other necessary things without worrying or thinking about it. If one remains natural or natural, then all the needs are fulfilled.

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