About Us

We are a business, operating an online pharmacy on the world wide
web. We are not selling fakes or scamming people, there is a whole
process to it. We only sell BRAND or equally potent GENERICS, we are not
selling anything that is manufactured in an underground lab or is bunk.
We sell genuine products that are made to treat anxiety, stress,
depression, insomnia etc. For us our customers are dear and important,
their health and safety in doing business with us is our utmost
priority. In any case, we will not JEOPARDIZE the trust instilled upon
us. We do have high standards of customer services to ensure each and
everyone is treated with care and humbleness. Most of our clients are
our friends and that is how we like to do business.

If you have
any complains, suggestions, queries etc. please shoot us an email DO NOT
HESITATE. We love hearing from you guys ! but having said that we want
you guys to directly inquire from us rather then going on and posting on
forums that are biased and in favor of pharmacies run by their own
admins. Yes, most forums talking about drugs are guiding customers
towards buying from their own pharmacies by posting false, heinous and
misleading feedback regarding most legitimate vendors. Most of these
forums promote websites that are selling the exact same brand and
generics that we are selling. Before posting questions about our
credibility, ask us and use google. You will find enough feedback to
confirm our legitimacy.

Packaging & Shipping

  • We are delivering packages mainly, in
    UK, USA, Canada and Sweden on daily basis, our package most of the
    times delivered within 1 week in US, but we say 9 days to be on the
    safe side.
  • We always make sure there will be no breakage or
    no noise inside the package, It was firmly covered with bubble raps and
    you will never regret in dealing with us.
  • We Supply all these items at the best competitive cheapest rates, Shipping round the globe and product quality is guaranteed.
  • Orders are processed on a secure website and shipped within 24 hours or in order as they are received.
  • All orders are shipped by DHL mail or  TNT mail in discreet packaging to your nominated address.
  • Orders generally take maximum 1 weeks to deliver in US. If the order is not
    received within 2 weeks from shipping, the order will be reshipped at
    the client’s request.

    Why Choose Us?

    OUR Sleeping Tabs values the
    health of our customers and makes sure you get exactly what you desire.
    Our top most priority remains your satisfaction. We also understand the
    worth of time and, therefore, provide hassle free service. You will be
    satisfied from our convenient services. These is not only swift but also
    reliable. You do not have to travel miles and waste your important time
    and significant energy in finding a reputable pharmacy to buy targeted
    tablets. We have made whole process potentially easy and accessible for
    you. All you need to do is just sit back and relax, turn on to our
    website, read descriptions which are provided along with medicines,
    choose the one which suits you best and place your order! Our swift and
    efficient services will dispatch your order as soon as possible and will
    make sure it reaches you in due time.

    We also maintain high
    customer treating standards as we deal with each and every customer with
    equal respect and empathy. For any query, do not hesitate to write us.
    We appreciate your remarks, recommendations as well as positive
    criticism. My sleeping tabs never lets down its customers and always
    works hard to keep up your trust that you have proudly vested in us!

    We wish you a hale and healthy life Thank You.
    Kinds Regards
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    Our Sale & Support
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