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Women with oily skin are often hesitant to face others. Oily skin has very large pores and grains and the skin also feels dull, smooth and thick all the time. These people have more active sebaceous glands, which produce oil in the skin and maintain smoothness on the skin. In common language, the skin becomes oily when more oil comes out from the pores of the skin. It is more active during puberty in boys and girls.

So let us know in this article, due to skin oily, prevention and solution.













1.Oily skin causes

This condition usually subsides when an adult, but it persists in some cases and may cause other skin problems such as acne and rash. One advantage of this is that wrinkles and aging are not detected quickly. This is a problem that can occur at any age and to get rid of it it is very important to know the exact reason for it.


Hormonal contraceptive drugs and hormone replacement medications can cause increased oil production from the skin. Likewise, the effects of any drug can also lead to dehydration that increases oil production. Because


Correct eating and drinking affect physical activity in every way and excess sebum (fat) is not produced. You have often heard that eating oily foods also makes the skin oily, but in fact in some cases the opposite is true. Good oils such as omega-3s etc. have permissive properties which are a good thing for your skin.

These oils, as well as fishes such as salmon and swordfish, as well as vegetarian sources such as

Sulfur is another mineral that reduces oil production and is found in fish, eggs, nuts, legumes, cabbage, onions, and broccoli. In addition to being good for your skin, sulfur also helps reduce carcinogenic causes, which is a very good thing. Therefore increase the amount of foods containing sulfur and omega 3 in your food. Reduce intake of sugar and carbohydrate-rich foods as they increase sebum production. And often keep eating something so that your sugar level remains normal.

Skin can also be oily due to adolescence

In adolescent boys and girls entering adolescence, during this period the hormones decrease. As a result, excess oil is first produced. At this time, there is secretion of androgen hormone which is a big reason for the skin and hair to be oily. As these glands mature, the production of oil from the skin also increases. This problematic phase lasts around 18–21 years of age. While some have this problem until they are adults.

Suntan gives skin oil

Many people have the misconception that the skin is dry with suntan when it is not so. The skin dehydrates only when exposed to UV rays for a short period of time, but after that the skin produces extra oil to replenish essential moisture and more oil is released from it. The skin is dry at the time of suntan, but it actually promotes oil production. This process encourages the sebaceous glands to increase the production of oil to protect the skin.

Skin oily may occur due to changing weather

Changing weather is the main cause of oily skin. Excessive moisture makes the skin sweat more which makes it oily. To deal with this problem, take special care of skin cleansing.

In damp weather, you can use reliable products for facial cleansing such as gels, facewash, cleanser, etc. that completely cleanse your skin and remove all unhealthy impurities that make-up, pollution and excessive oil. Are caused by

Makeup products increase activation of the sebaceous glands. Oil is usually present in these beauty ingredients so they become heavy and smooth on the skin. Most liquid cosmetics (makeup cosmetics that are in liquid form) make the skin more oily.

Oily skin is the cause of heredity.

Oily skin is also found in heredity. If the skin of any of your parents is oily, your chances of getting oily are increased. Also, if the skin of anyone in your family is oily, the skin of other members may also be oily.

Excessive use of cosmetics also results in skin oil

Makeup is a very good way to hide large pores and stains, but nothing is good enough. People in need of clean, soft and young skin, apply skin cleansing, scrubs, and other skin care products under high pressure that subsequently damage the skin.

Makeup products activate the sebaceous glands of the skin. These cosmetic items usually contain oil, which makes the skin look heavy and smooth. Mostly, cosmetics available in liquid form make the skin more oily.

Apart from this, it is also very important to remove makeup and use a good toner or makeup remover for this.

Hormonal changes make skin oily

The hormonal changes in the body are mainly responsible for the production of oil. In women, androgen hormones continue to decrease throughout life, such as before menopause or during pregnancy. It easily encourages sebaceous glands to produce oil. Hormonal imbalance is another cause of oily skin. Hormonal imbalance causes testosterone hormones to be very active in men, causing excessive oil production.

You can get rid of oily skin by improving your eating habits, keeping the skin well and often moisturized and taking good care of the skin in general.

Skin oily is also caused by stress

Nowadays people live in a stressful world. In times of stress, excess androgen hormone is produced from our skin which is a major cause of oily skin. Try to be as happy and excited as possible. By doing this, your skin absorbs excess oil and reduces its oily glow.

Also, in many cases, oily skin can also be the result of your unhealthy lifestyle. Age, diet, suntan and many other factors can also be caused by the skin being oily.

Just worrying about oily skin is not enough, for this you will have to work hard. A little time has to be taken to take care of your skin. Nowadays there are many products available such as cleanser etc., which can relieve you of oily glow of the skin. Also make sure that you are using them properly to keep your skin clean, healthy and beautiful.

If you are not getting the desired results from toners and cleaners then talk to a dermatologist because then only he can give you suitable suggestions.

As everyone knows, it is very difficult to keep the skin normal and bright. Balancing skin oil can also be difficult, but not impossible. So don’t lose hope and effort.

Oil also comes in the skin due to pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, her estrogen hormones fluctuate rapidly. This causes the sebaceous glands to grow out of control and produce excessive oil. Many pregnant women have oily skin problems compared to normal skin. But this is not a concern because after delivery the skin becomes back as it was before.

2.Oily skin protection

Often, the cause of oily skin is genetic or hormonal, which cannot be controlled. In these cases, measures can be taken to treat excess oil on the face only. But if it is due to external factors, it would be better if you take measures to avoid them in time. Following are the ways to avoid the problem of oily skin:

Wash your face properly.

Make sure to wash face at least twice a day. Once in the morning and again at night before going to sleep. But no more because cleansing too much can make the skin dry. Use of hot or lukewarm water can also cause dryness in the skin. Stay away from harsh soaps and cleansers as these too can make the skin dry. Buy a good and suitable cleanser for skin cleansing. If possible, use a cleanser made of a combination of LUNA mini 2 as these are suitable for oily skin. These help to open the oily pores of the skin and keep the face free from glow.

Make up the right way.

Read the list of ingredients used to make makeup products before use and make sure that your beauty products are oil-free and not acne-causing. Use face powder or a foundation that contains sufficient amount of water and use powder blush, eye shadow etc. instead of cream. Just remove all makeup before going to sleep at night.

Use the right moisturizer.

Moisturizing oily skin may sound a bit strange, but it is also important to do so. Oily skin also needs to be moisturized, so that the oily glands do not produce excess oil. Try using oil-free moisturizer and sunscreen, but do not use makeup-removing cold creams or lotions for them as they can create a smooth layer on the skin.

Eat well and stay hydrated.

People who do not have oily skin problems, but suffer from skin smoothness from time to time, need to pay attention to their diet. Reduce the intake of sugar, dairy and carbohydrate-rich foods in your daily diet, as studies show that oily skin can exacerbate skin problems. So eat as much natural foods, fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. If you are not taking enough fluids, your skin may become dry, producing more oil. To keep your skin well hydrated, you should drink at least two liters of water daily. If you want oil-free skin, then reduce your intake of caffeine-rich drinks and alcohol as they are also responsible for oily skin.

Get complete sleep and stay stress free.

Androgen production increases due to both lack of sleep and excessive stress. Due to this hormone, oil is definitely released from the skin. Therefore it is very important to get full sleep at night. Physical exercises also help in dealing with this problem, although these can prove to be difficult to completely remove stress from your life. To get rid of stress, take a bath or practice meditation for at least 10 minutes.

Try to remove oil from your face.

Many things come in contact with the face everyday due to which oil comes on the face. So keep your hands and hair away from your face because both of them naturally contain oil. Also, keep your cellphone or telephone clean. Keep changing the towel you use for facial cleansing and wash the makeup brushes every week, because all of these come in contact with your face and hands.

If you do daily measures to stop oily skin, then by doing this, the excess sebum (oil released from the sebum glands) from the skin is reduced. By taking a little time every day to take care of your skin, you can easily avoid or treat oily skin.

3.Oily skin treatment

Although there is no easy way to prevent excessive oil production from the skin, there are some ways to control this problem. There are following options to know these methods:

Use the cleanser, toner and moisturizer twice daily.

To clean the skin, sulfur, salicylic acid or Use a cleanser containing tea tree oil. All these reduce excess sebum. Glycolic acid is also a good component of reducing skin oil, as it improves the overall tone and texture of the skin. After cleansing the skin, use a mild, alcohol-free toner that is not even cleared by the cleanser. Then apply a mild, oil-free moisturizer.

Use Astringent every other day.

If your skin is too oily, you can use astringent (astringent-skin tightening) to tighten the pores and remove excess oil, but because it has a high alcohol level, many People’s skin also starts drying up. It should be used every other day. And never exfoliate your face.

Exfoliate the skin once a week.

Exfoliating is a great way to prevent pore growth. Many people use oil-free scrubs for oily skin. But it should be applied on the face with soft hands or else skin dryness may occur.

Apply face mask once a week.

Deeply cleansing face masks contain smooth clay that can soak up excess skin oil, reducing the oily glow of the face for several days. So choose a mask that mixes honey or shea butter, which softens the skin and prevents it from getting dry. However, these masks can also dry out your face, so use them only in places where oil is high.

Control the brightness of the oil for the whole day.

When you do makeup in the morning, first use a primer or base to control the oil. It absorbs excess oil of the skin for the entire day and keeps the skin fresh and glow-free. You can also use powder to remove excess sebum on the upper part of the T-zone of your face, such as the forehead and nose. Even after this, if the face glow is not decreasing, then to avoid this extra shine, use the oil controlling paper found in the market, use them. These papers do not allow the skin to be dry and can also be used on makeup.

Consult a doctor.

See a dermatologist when nothing works. Many medicines that prevent acne are also used to treat oily skin. Doctors can change the way oil is removed from the skin pores by some other treatment, reducing the amount of oil in the skin.

Others, treatments include heat energy therapy, diode laser therapy, etc., which destroy the sebaceous glands. However, these techniques can be very expensive. Its risks are still unknown. Seek advice from an experienced dermatologist before adopting them on your skin.